Bereavement Buddies


Scheme for people who have lost loved ones

Bodmin Bereavement Support Project aims to provide support for people in Bodmin experiencing bereavement. It is based on the Adult Bereavement Care Pyramid which recognises that bereaved adults may have a wide range of support needs, some of which can be met by family & friends or services in the community and others that are better met through professional services provided by those with more specialist knowledge and skills.

During February and March 2022, the project carried out a survey for bereaved adults to say what support they would like. The top three kinds of support identified by those who completed the survey are

  • A bereavement support group to share experiences of bereavement
  • Creative activities combined with bereavement support
  • Telephone support

We are now looking at how best to respond to these priorities and develop activities to meet the needs of bereaved adults locally, and we are looking for more people to become a volunteer with the project.

If you are comfortable listening to people talking about their bereavement or enjoy creative activities that can be shared in a group and would like to join the project, we would love to hear from you. Training and development support will be provided for anyone who wants to become a volunteer with the project. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Joan on 01208 622169.

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