BodMAXX is a new Arts Council funded project by intoBodmin aimed at developing free and accessible creative projects for the people of Bodmin.

Bec, Greg & Holly make up the creative team and as artists, we’re having conversations and responding in creative ways to the things we hear, learn and see. We aim to bring people together through art and cultural activity and we hope to engage people, from all different backgrounds, in the arts through workshops, events and other projects.  

The BodMAXX project started in June 2021 and it plans to run until June 2022. 

Our base of operations is currently the Old Threshers Shop on 81b Fore Street.

Creative Team

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Holly Lovelock | Role

Holly Lovelock is an emerging creative producer, theatre maker and facilitator based in Bodmin. She has professional experience of working in community and educational contexts, with a specific interest in socially engaged practice.

She is inspired by theatre that is transformative (both personally and socially) and wants to pursue her dream of creating and producing work in this field – all in the glorious landscape of her home county.

Holly has worked and collaborated with organisations like the Hall for Cornwall, Greenham Women Everywhere, Doorstep Arts, Magic Carpet, Coppice Theatre and she also has her own theatre company, A Thing or Two Theatre. She is now incredibly excited to embark on this community project with intoBodmin.


Greg McLaren | Role

Greg McLaren is an artist and performer.  He loves to bring people together with music, big events, or a quiet word. Big hits have been seen at National Portrait Gallery, Soho Theatre, British Library, Science Museum and English National Opera among others. From 2008 to 2015 he led Stoke Newington International Airport, an arts company with a focus on interactive and immersive theatre, art and music. He likes to mess about, but he is also very serious.

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Becalelis Brodskis | Role

My love for doodling, drawing and listening to people turned into the making  of animations and documentaries. Before making films I was a traditional stonecarver. Born in 1968 in London but brought up moving across Europe and Morocco.  In 2009 I moved to Cornwall and became interested in the symbolism of climbing and digging. Here, with my children, I have begun to lay some roots.

My films have received international acclaim at prestigious festivals such as Sundance, Annecy and Oberhausen. With a love for helping other people bring their ideas to life, I have taught and led departments at leading universities and delivered interdisciplinary creative workshops, outside of formal education, in the UK, Europe, Africa and South America.

In 2015 I produced Re-Imagine Your Town, one of the first community mapping projects that incorporated game engine technology, lidar data and VR to enable residents to create their own interactive map of their town. This led to PhD research with Transtechnology at Pymouth University.

The research is about the unsaid political agenda of mapping and forms of community consultation which often fail to include marginalised voices. My aim is to address this through a creative use of mapping, that includes the real and imagined landscape,  for communities to visualise and express their sense of place.

If you'd like to know more about the projects we're running, we have 'Drop-In Information' sessions in the space every Monday 12:00 - 13:00 and every Tuesday 13:00 - 14:00. Or alternatively, email us; we look forward to talking with you.

81b Fore Street, Bodmin, PL31 2JB

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Build a Better Bodmin

intoBodmin is a cultural advocacy organisation. We actively promote Bodmin as an attractive, engaging, inspirational and progressive town. A place where communities are strong and businesses are innovative.


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