With scaled down shops and services to engage with, it provides a unique role play experience.

Great play is a powerful learning tool and we hope that while being heaps of fun, Bodminton helps children to develop their core communication, social, emotional and physical skills.

Bodminton includes a veterinary surgery, supermarket, construction site, post office and ice cream stand. All downsized, to be enjoyed by little ones.​

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The Old Library Café

(the café will be open selling hot drinks, cold drinks and children's snacks)


Every Sunday and Monday
1 hour sessions at 9.30am, 11am, 1pm & 2.30pm

PLEASE NOTE: We're sorry to announce that May will be the last month of Bodminton. Unfortunately we have seen a steady decline in numbers since Christmas and it is not possible to keep it running at a loss.


£5/£6/£7 per child - you choose (adults and babes in arms free)

If you live in Bodmin we offer a £3 Locals Price. To purchase these, select the number of £5 tickets you require and then enter the code - PL31 in the Cart.


Bodminton FAQs

  1. Can I arrive early for my session?
    You can, but you’ll have to wait out in the entrance lobby. The Bodminton space will not be open until your session begins.
  2. Is the café open?
    Yes it is. The café is open serving cakes and barista coffee and soft drinks for those using Bodminton. At Bodminton, the café is not run on a Pay What You Decide basis.
  3. Can I bring my own snacks and drinks?
    No. Part of why we can trial this project at a low price is because we are able to subsidise it through sales in the café, so please support that. You are, of course, able to bring any baby formula and baby food you may need.
  4. Can I book for two consecutive sessions to make it a longer session?
    You can, however, you will have to leave the space in between sessions to allow the staff to get it ready for the next group of young Bodmintonians. We can provide some colouring and you can wait in the Reading Room for the 30 minute re-set.
  5. Do I have to pay for adults? 
    No. Just children.
  6. What age is Bodminton for? Do I have to pay for babies?
    Babies under 9 months are free. If your child is interacting with the play space, then we ask that you pay for them. We think this is probably from about 9 months.
  7. Can I leave my children with you?
    Definitely not! This is not a creche and we ask that parents are present and engaged in the session, helping their children to explore and enjoy the tiny town.
  8. How many children can be there?
    There are 15 spaces available at each session.
  9. Can I book it for a party? 
    Yes, you can. We are happy for you to block-book an entire session or two for a child’s party. Please get in touch if you do this and let us know. In this circumstance, we’re happy for you to bring your own cake!
  10. What will happen to it after this pilot scheme?
    You tell us! We have feedback forms in the space and we’re keen to hear your thoughts. We also want to know what you think of the prices, the timings and the concept as a whole. So please share your thoughts with us!
  11. Can I just turn up and pay on the door? 
    Yes, you can, although we’d encourage you to book in advance so as to not be disappointed. There is a limited capacity and we’re unable to stretch the rules.
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