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We're providing resources for our communities - whether that's an opportunity to share an idea or a skill, join in with an activity or group, or something else completely.


Our Journey

From small beginnings, we're growing a community hub for Bodmin's communities that will be a resource for everyone.

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intoBodmin was formed in 2017 in response to the closing of the Public Rooms and the sale of the public library building, which threatened to leave a void in the town for community access to cultural events, activities and public gatherings. We couldn't let that happen. 

intoBodmin was initially created through Arts Council funding to create and deliver a series of arts projects across Bodmin, including large-scale concerts in St Petroc’s Church, a digital projection and animation project with local primary schools, festivals, and the creation of a new café, community and arts space in The Old Library.

Our work has only just getting started – and we want your help to build intoBodmin in the direction that the community wants and needs.

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The History

The Old Library 

Read more about the beautiful Old Library building, and its place in Bodmin's past, present, and future.

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Building a Better Bodmin

intoBodmin is a community and arts organisation.

Our mission is:

To enable individuals and communities to access cultural activity, encouraging innovation, participation and partnerships.

To bring vitality into the heart of the town and bring the communities together through accessible and inclusive spaces and activity.

To see the community’s aspirations grow and inspire community pride in the place they live.

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