What’s it like volunteering at intoBodmin events?

We thought we’d ask some of our most dedicated supporters to say why they give their time, energy and enthusiasm into helping us deliver our programme to you.

“Volunteering with intoBodmin has widened my social circle and enabled me to feel connected to our community. When volunteering you have a commitment, more so than buying a ticket, which helps get you out the door and energised to engage with your neighbours. Every aspect is fun, enlightening, inclusive and cheap. That ticks most of my boxes!”

Rowan Baker

“You get to be part of something that brings joy to peoples’ lives. You can’t beat that feeling.”

Lynne Perry

“I particularly enjoy front of house meeting and greeting but I’ve also been known to paint a window or two and serve at the bar. In fact, I’m happy to help with anything in return for the privilege of seeing wonderful shows, comedy, music and not to forget the wonderful sense of appreciation, belonging and friendship when I walk through the doors.”

Marita Gubb