Young people in Bodmin create new words to make sense of the climate crisis

On Saturday 25th September a group of ten young people from Bodmin engaged in a workshop to create a performance in response to the climate crisis.

The workshop was led by Toby Peach who is an Associate Director of the interactive theatre-makers, Coney, where he works with young people and families, developing a playful activism practice.

The group of young people worked with Toby through games and discussion to produce a piece of work highlighting the climate crisis. The young people created an interactive digital installation and described the workshop as “learning together and having fun”.

For some of these young people it was the first time meeting each other but it was a welcoming space and many left feeling like they had made new friends. Assisting the event were the community leaders George and Amy who are both 17. They were excellent role models to the group of young people.

So what did the group create? The digital installation premiered at an evening event at St Petroc’s church in Bodmin on the topic of Creative Responses to climate change. The audience were encouraged to dial a number on their phones to hear some new words that were created through the workshop. Words to make sense of some of the madness.

Hear the sound recordings here.

A new global survey found that nearly 60% of young people said they felt very worried or extremely worried about the climate crisis. By using creative methods it can help raise awareness of the need to create a more sustainable future and provide young people with a platform.

The workshop was organised by intoBodmin and Agile Rabbit. The project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101036029 and from the University of Exeter Global Systems Institute.