Our Manifesto

To understand intoBodmin better, let's think of it as a garden - a shared space of growth and renewal

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Our garden provides many things to many people. 

It's a place to grow things, a place to escape, a place to learn, a place to find comfort or inspiration, a place to get involved and get your hands dirty, or a place to just indulge in the scents and flavours.

It's a place to meet new people, or to find a quite corner for a chat with old friends.

The Flower Garden: Events

Providing an array of colour, The Flower Bed is a mixture of bulbs that come up each year, planted seedlings and self- seeded wildflowers.

Lovely to look at, it provides a habitat for bees, cross pollination and inspiration. Some people love the tulips, and others love the cornflowers - but as a collection of colour and scents, The Flower Garden draws visitors to the garden.

The Oak Tree: The Old Library

Providing stability and shelter for the garden and those working in it, The Great Oak takes nutrients and ideas from the ground, where previous projects have mulched down.

It is the focus of the garden and is seen from far beyond the garden fence.

The Lawns: Connecting

A space for playing or sitting or sharing picnics with friends and strangers.

A place to run around in or just lie down and contemplate, to share ideas and learn new things

The Greenhouse: New Developments

Providing shelter an optimal growing conditions, The Greenhouse is the place to help small ideas grow. It needs care and attention to bring seeds of ideas along ready for transplanting into the Veg Patch.

There are pots, tools and compost in The Greenhouse to provide better conditions for trying out exotic plants and wild ideas.

The Compost Heap: Evaluation

Providing the right conditions to break down, shake up or reorganise ideas and projects that have run their course.

The Compost Heap is where the things in the garden that have died or are past their best are offered to the worms. At the end of the process, the nutrient rich compost is redistributed around the garden to help new ideas and projects grow.

The Veg Patch: Community

Providing sustenance and resources for the community, The Veg Patch is cared for by volunteers from the community and produce is distributed to those that need it.

It is colourful and varied, and needs a lot of care and support to grow.

You can come in and enjoy the garden or you can look over the garden fence. There are skills you can learn and skills you can share.
The garden belongs to Bodmin, managed by a team of gardeners, who make sure there are enough tools and seeds, that the greenhouse is in a safe condition, that the paths are well maintained and that new plots are created.

The garden is looked after by volunteers, and some paid staff, who water and weed the beds and harvest the produce.

The garden is enjoyed by many people who wander through. Some stay and become volunteers or staff; some leave and never come back; some go off and make their own gardens.

Money to buy seeds, tools and fertilisers is mostly granted by funders, but some of it comes from donations, and some money is made by selling flowers and produce.

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Social Impact Report

In April 2021, we commissioned a Social Impact Report to find out what people in Bodmin want and need in their town in the future.

We talked to people from all walks of life to understand what Bodmin wants and needs, and how we can support our town and its communities.

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Build a Better Bodmin

intoBodmin is a cultural advocacy organisation. We actively promote Bodmin as an attractive, engaging, inspirational and progressive town. A place where communities are strong and businesses are innovative.

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