intoBodmin's Future is Loading...

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The sudden pause in activity this year has given us the opportunity to stop and think, to consider what we’ve been doing and what we could be doing.

Our goal has always been to bring our community together, but we don’t think we’re doing enough. We want to include people from all walks of life and put our community at the heart of everything we do.

With this in mind, we're ready for a change of direction.  

We don't yet know what that direction will be - it's up to you! We’re currently asking you to help us explore the direction intoBodmin could be taking, so that we can find out who we are and who we could and should be, and most importantly, what you want from us.

There are four simple ways you can help us (find out more below) – but it doesn’t end here, in the planning stage. We want to carry on working with you, our community, always. We want your input and skills, your creativity and positivity, your good ideas and your mutual support, to create a truly inclusive and community-minded collaboration. In short, there is no intoBodmin without you.

So, take a look at the four ways you can help, and stay in touch with us. We always love to hear new ideas and your feedback about anything and everything we’re doing is so important and appreciated. By telling us what you think and what you want, you’ll be playing a huge part in shaping the future of intoBodmin.

Help us now!


Put the kettle on, find a comfy seat and tell us what you think about intoBodmin. It’s 100% anonymous and you can skip any of the questions you like. Whether you give it five minutes or twenty, we’ll really appreciate anything you tell us, and it’ll be invaluable in deciphering what our community want and need us to become.


Tell us what you want! Maybe you want the arts, some support or just a place to hang out and be social (when it’s safe again). Perhaps you want more opportunities to do and learn new things? What changes do you want to see in Bodmin? We want to hear what you want so that we can help you make it happen.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for a few questions we’d like you to answer. Leave a comment (or send us a message) and help us to gage the mood and appetite for our new identity and activities.


Ever wanted to start a recipe sharing club, attend LGBT+ events, create a skill sharing scheme or something else entirely? Want to help make opportunities grow and bring communities together?  Had an idea you'd like to see come to life? Let us know and let’s see if we can work together to make it happen.


We know, taking a survey isn't the most exciting way that you could spend the next half an hour, but this one is a little different.

You don't have to answer any questions you don't want to. Best of all, the answers you give will directly inform the decisions which are made about the future of intoBodmin. This is really important stuff, and we want to make sure everyone has a say. We really hope you'll find the time to fill in the survey, but we're also asking people to share their thoughts in different ways, like dropping in a note or getting in touch via email, whatever you're comfortable with, so if you'd prefer to share your thoughts another way, just get in touch.

Please fill in the survey and then perhaps share it to someone you think might want to give some input. Often we don't see a huge response to surveys, so every single response will make a huge difference. 

Top tip: The survey has four sections of up to 8 questions. You won't be able to save your progress, but if you'd like to stop and come back to it later you can submit the survey wherever you like, and start a second one to finish it when you're ready.


If you have any thoughts about the future of intoBodmin, or things you'd like us to look into, we'd love to hear from you. You can email us, message us on social media or drop a note or postcard into The Old Library marked ‘intoBodmin’s Future is Loading…’

Email us at

Post to The Old Library, 10 Lower Bore Street, Bodmin, PL31 2JX